Harley Davidson


Previous attempts at implementing a sustainability strategy had failed to gain traction in the company. The Board of Directors wanted us to help the company rethink its approach to sustainability, help secure internal champions, develop a new sustainability vision, and identify opportunities for business growth


Through a year-long advisory engagement consisting of two VP-level workshops and extensive project guidance, we redefined sustainable business growth to be aligned with company heritage.  Enabled President, C-level executives, VPs, and directors of business units to create a business vision, strategy, opportunities, and operating plans for sustainable growth.


Executives developed a shared vision and strategy for sustainable growth, and a strategic plan that was adopted by the Board of Directors within one year and was championed by the head of corporate strategy. The sustainable growth strategy accelerated innovations in new products, such as electric and low displacement bikes. Sustainability is now considered a core pillar that drives business growth at Harley Davidson.

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