Ms. Anusha Shetty

CEO, Autumn Worldwide

Relevant Expertise: Social Media Marketing and Analytics

Anusha Shetty is a brand specialist who cofounded Autumn Worldwide, which focuses on Social Media Marketing.  She is an expert in Social Analytics, which is about listening to social conversations across Facebook, Twitter, Forums, Blogs and more and driving intelligence/ creating organizational value that creates leads, customer relationship, new product development and more.  She is also an expert in Social Outreach, which is about proactively and creatively positioning the brand in the social space across platforms like Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, blogs and more.  Ms. Shetty was previously the head of corporate communications at Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab, spearheading initiatives across the APAC region.  She was also the head of marketing communication at Euclid Inc., a Silicon Valley-based startup firm.  She is a graduate from the T.A. Pai Management Institute.