Mr. Mekin Maheshwari

Former Chief People Officer and Head of Engineering, Flipkart

Relevant Expertise: Digital Technologies, Digital Strategies & Models, Digital Products & Services, Digital Organization and Human Resources

Mekin Maheshwari is currently exploring educational venture opportunities in rural and semi-urban entrepreneurial settings.  As one of the early employees and the head of major business functions at Flipkart, he developed an in-depth and integrated understanding of how to scale an e-commerce business from a startup to India’s leading e-commerce retail company.  He was the Chief People Officer of Flipkart during 2013-16, the head of its PayZippy and eBooks during 2012-13, and its head of engineering during 2009-12.  He previously worked in critical engineering roles at startups such as Ugenie and Lulu during 2006-9 and was an engineer, data researcher and senior developer at Yahoo! India during 2002-6.  Mekin holds a BE (Information Science) from PESIT, Visvesvaraya Technological University, Bengaluru.  He holds a patent for developing a platform for managing mobile domains and keyword-activated applications.