Our methodology for incubating business transformation comprises an integrated cycle of researching next practices, conducting business innovation incubation programs, providing strategic advisory services, and achieving thought leadership in disseminating next practices. This process results in world class incubation programs and services for designing and implementing strategic business initiatives that translate into both bottom-line and top-line returns.

Our founding team includes experts who specialize in the next practices of business innovation.

For example, through our sister company, Innovastrat, our founding team has researched and developed the business practices related to sustainable innovation, sustainable strategy and business growth, digital transformation, purpose-driven leadership, natural capital management, renewable energy management and others. These innovations are vital to the future of business and hence define the next practices for driving business transformation

Our incubation programs provide senior executives and managers with the frameworks, tools and techniques to design and implement the latest innovations and deliver outstanding business results. We deliver our instruction through onsite workshops and live project guidance that provide participants with the mindsets and models needed for business transformation. Most importantly, our incubation programs focus on identifying and developing tangible strategic initiatives that lead to transformational outcomes for the business.

For example, the business growth opportunities identified and developed through our sister company Innovastrat’s business innovation programs at Alcoa Corporation, USA were estimated at several billion dollars by the President, New Business Growth, Alcoa (“Connecting Heart to Head: A Framework for Sustainable Growth”, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Winter 2012).

We also provide advisory services to help companies identify, prioritize and implement business strategies and innovations so that they can become embedded in core business processes and corporate culture or DNA.  These services are especially important in the early stages of adoption of the strategy or innovation, when business initiatives are very prone to failure.

For example, the year-long strategic advisory services provided by our founding team, through Innovastrat, have resulted in the implementation of a new sustainable business strategy and culture at Harley-Davidson, USA. This strategy has enabled the development of new products such as low displacement motorcycles and electric bikes, as well as more sustainable business operations and supply chains.

We consider thought leadership as a vital activity for the dissemination of new insights and next practices around business transformation. Our founding team has an extensive, decades-long background in world class thought leadership in the innovations that drive business transformation.

For example, our founder’s framework on sustainable innovation was the cover story of the Sept 2009 Harvard Business Review and won the 2013 Emerald Award for being one of the most highly cited business articles in the world. The late Prof. CK Prahalad, one of the most distinguished business thought leaders in the world, was a co-author of this business article.

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