Business Transformation through Digital Consortium

As a vital part of being an incubator for business transformation through digital technologies and practices,  we have established India’s first-ever BusinessTransformation through Digital Consortium. Consortium participants are C-level executives from leading Indian companies.  The first meeting of the Consortium was held in Dec 2016 in Gurgaon and comprised C-level executives from Godrej Consumer Products, Nestle, PepsiCo, and United Spirits.

Purpose – The purpose of the consortium is to create and share world class practices that lead to business transformation through digital strategies, business models and initiatives among member companies.


  • Provide a peer-level forum for C-level executives to share insights and practices related to digital transformation.
  • Provide C- level executives with opportunities to interact with experts, investors, pioneering startups, tech companies, and other key stakeholders and learn about digital transformation.
  • Provide C-level support to senior managers who are participating in the CDT program.

Membership – Consortium membership is initially restricted to companies that are participating in the CDT program. Member companies nominate C-level executives to the consortium.

Benefits of Membership

Consortium members will get the following benefits from participation:

  1. Access to world class practices on how to implement business transformation through digital strategies, models and initiatives
  2. Learning from other companies on their experiences with digitally-enabled business transformation
  3. Participation in shared initiatives that are precompetitive and help accelerate the digital journey
  4. Access to world class experts, including top academic and practitioner experts, for guidance on how to implement business transformation through digital practices
  5. Access to startups, pioneering companies and other facilities for testing out ideas and for conducting pilots in settings that are not constrained by corporate restrictions

Membership Fees

During 2017-18, consortium membership is included in the price of the DT program.

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