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AIM’s focus on incubating  emerging innovations such as digital transformation (DT) is consistent with our founder’s track record of thought leadership. Dr. Ram Nidumolu, AIM’s founder, has been globally recognized for developing frameworks and practices for business innovations that are shaping the future of corporations.

Collaborative Business Models

Dr. Nidumolu is the lead author of “The Collaboration Imperative,” featured in the April 2014 Harvard Business Review spotlight on business resilience. The article describes four innovative business models for sustainable collaboration in the corporate and extended value chain and the next practices for enabling them.

Sustainable Innovation Models

Dr. Nidumolu is the lead author of a framework for sustainable innovation that was on the cover of the September 2009 edition of Harvard Business Review. HBR identified the article (co-authored with the late Prof. CK Prahalad and Silicon Valley leader MR Rangaswami) as one of the top five sustainability publications of the last decade. The article’s five-stage process, based on the innovation experience of 30 leading G500 corporations, has been recognized at global conferences and in board rooms and C-suites of global corporations.

The article received the following recognition:

  • Leading cover story of Harvard Business Review, September 2009: “Why Your Next Business Model Must Be Green.”
  • Leading cover story of Spring 2010 OnPoint Harvard Business Review edition of five best sustainable business articles of last decade. Lead author: Ram Nidumolu, co-author: late Prof. C.K. Prahalad.
  • Winner of Emerald 2013 Citation of Excellence Award based on innovation best practices of 30 global corporations.

Sustainable Business Growth

Dr. Nidumolu’s work on sustainable growth was recognized by the Stanford Social Innovation Review in its Winter 2012 publication. This article is based on work with leading global corporations such as Alcoa and Puma. The article was co-authored with then CEO of Puma and the President of Growth Initiatives at Alcoa and describes a five-stage business strategy for driving sustainable business growth in a global corporation.

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