AIM’s Digital Business Digest

Dear Colleagues,

AIM’s Digital Business Digest has been developed by us to help busy corporate executives quickly learn about the next practices of business transformation through digital transformation and design thinking.

To prepare this digest, we identify, filter and summarize the key news and business research worldwide on how companies are implementing business transformation through digital and design thinking approaches.

I hope you enjoy reading this digest and benefit from the information it provides.

Warm Regards,
Prof. Ram Nidumolu, PhD
AIM – Founder and MD

The Digital Business Digest provides a regular update to busy corporate executives on the most important news, tools, technologies, frameworks, research, and other interesting developments related to digital business transformation.

Here’s an overview from the inaugural issue:

  • News and Trends: Design thinking, Digital transformation trends, Digital transformation in FMCG industry.
  • Business Insights: People who drive DT in an organization, DT in the telecom market, new business models based on digital, digital maturity of organization.
  • Technology and Tools: Nine elements of digital transformation, 15 must-have technology capabilities for digital transformation, 7 tools for design thinking, integration of design thinking and digital business mentality.
  • Frameworks and Research: India’s war on cash, design thinking for India, digital future for FMCG companies, digital transformation – A road-map for billion-dollar organizations.
  • Government and Legal: India’s digital growth and opportunities, digital transformation in government, BHIM app for digital payments.
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