Welcome to AIM – The Incubator for Business Transformation

Digital technologies and practices are driving business transformation at an accelerating rate. Whether you are a C-level executive such as a CEO, CMO, COO, or CIO, the President or Vice President of a business or function, or a senior manager in charge of brands, business groups, or regions, you are likely to be concerned about how to get going on business transformation through digital technologies and practices.

By providing incubation services that focus on the how of digitally-enabled business transformation, AIM can enable new digital mindsets, identify new digital business models and strategies, and drive new digital business opportunities in your company. You can think of us as a powerful, extended arm of your marketing, brand management, sales, communications, operations or other business functions, with which you can quickly and effectively launch new digitally-enabled offerings or business models that transform your business.

Our incubation services enable you to initiate or accelerate your corporate digital journey through the following stages:


We help key stakeholders recognize the importance of digitally-enabled business transformation through our Next Practices in this area

We help senior managers evaluate digitally-enabled business opportunities through Incubation Programs that involve live projects guided by world-class experts

We help companies implement strategic initiatives through Advisory Services that overcome key barriers to adopting digitally-enabled business innovations, especially in the early stages of adoption

We enable C-level executives to participate in India’s leading Business Transformation Consortium, which is designed to be an incubator for leadership in the rapidly emerging field of digitally-enabled business transformation

We have developed and validated this corporate journey for adopting business innovations across dozens of multi-billion dollar global enterprises throughout the world, and across a variety of business innovations.

In fact, our founding team’s prior work on the adoption of transformative business innovations is globally recognized by leading business publications like the Harvard Business Review and the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

We are the first in Asia, and possibly even the world, to offer these end-to-end incubation capabilities for initiating and accelerating the corporate digital journey. It’s no wonder that India’s top companies are turning to us to get going on their digital journey.

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Our Experts

Becoming a digital enterprise requires far more profound changes than merely investing in the latest digital technologies. Companies will need to search for new business models, fundamentally rethink their operating models, revamp how they attract and foster digital talent, and consider afresh how they measure the success of their business.

– World Economic Forum, 2016

Next Practices

AIM’s founding team specializes in creating world-leading next practices related to emerging business innovations.  This work has been recognized internationally by leading business publications, including the Harvard Business Review and the Stanford Social Innovation Review.